Popular kitchenware brand BILL.F launches new products to satisfy the increasing American market during COVID-19

Popular kitchenware brand BILL.F launches new products to satisfy the increasing American market during COVID-19

January 20th, 2021 - New York, NY - BILL.F, a popular home kitchenware brand that designs modern classic kitchenware essentials at affordable prices across America, Europe, Asia and Australia, is launching new products to satisfy the increase in demand for specialty kitchen items facilitated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

For many Americans, cooking and eating at home has increased by 55 percent since the start of the pandemic, according to a publication by Acosta news, with an additional 93 percent saying they do not plan to change their at-home eating habits even after the pandemic ends, says a report by Bloomberg news. This increase in demand for quality kitchenware has caused many online homegoods brands to shift their distribution strategy, including BILL.F.

“With more than half of consumers eating at home more often and some with less money to spend, there are a myriad of challenges and opportunities for retailers and manufacturers to navigate,” said Colin Stewart, Executive Vice President, Business Intelligence at Acosta.

To meet the growing demand for eco-friendly, long-lasting and sustainably sourced cookware, BILL.F is launching a new line of handcrafted teak wood bowls and cutting boards in January 2021. The line will feature bowls and cutting boards of varying sizes built out of the teak wood, which is popular worldwide for its durable water and rot resistant properties. These smooth, warp-proof products each contain unique grain finishes for a one-of-a-kind look. Elegant enough for everyday serving or large holiday feasts.

“To us kitchens are special. Places of joy, creation, relaxation, and wonderful messes.” BILL.F believes a well-loved kitchen means “an efficient, beautiful space with kitchenware that is visually appealing, long-lasting and simple to use,” said Nancy Xu, BILL.F brand founder and CEO.

Started as a small knife factory in 1983, BILL.F is re-designing kitchenware essentials specially suited for American homes. With improvements to usability, visual design and consumer needs, BILL.F has launched its world-renowned line of kitchenware to the United States in 2019. Now, during the ongoing pandemic, BILL.F is seeing large increases in online sales for certain items.

The Acacia Wood Pizza Board soared from #3 on Amazon to #2 during the pandemic. This increase is likely attributed to the online cooking trends surfacing amongst family and friends in 2020. The Acacia Wood Pizza Board offers customers a fun and easy way to eat and serve pizza, a food Americans normally eat at restaurants, at home.

With 60 series and more than 300 items, the BILL.F collections are customizable by color and material. Trends fade, but classic materials never go out of style. That’s why BILL.F uses premium materials such as natural wood, stainless steel, silicone and nylon. These materials are sustainably sourced to guarantee high-quality and safe eco-friendly processes.

The woods BILL.F chooses to use provide a more sustainable kitchen option over alternative materials. BILL.F uses woods that are biodegradable, long-lasting and easy to naturally replenish. This ensures a longer product shelf life, less replacing and less waste over time.

Another product seeing higher than usual demand during the pandemic is the BILL.F 18-Piece Knife Set with Wooden Block and Sharpener. Designed with stainless steel razor-sharp taper grinded blades, ergonomic hollow hammer mirror finished handles and rust-resistant steel, these knives provide solutions for every cooking need. Additionally, the wood block provides a safe, space saving and visually appealing place to hold the tools.

Nancy Xu reflected on the increased sales and current global situation saying, “BILL.F was built on the idea of bringing family-friendly products to homes around the globe. Despite this very dark period during the pandemic, it gives us a small bit of joy to see families and people investing in cooking healthy meals together safely from home.”

About BILL.F

BILL.F is an internationally recognized brand that designs kitchenware essentials for modern living. They believe everyone deserves to cook in a beautiful, well-functioning kitchen equipped with stylish, durable and classic products. They use premium materials with traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design to create kitchenware products equipped for both professional chefs and everyday cooks alike. Learn more about BILL.F by visiting www.billfworld.com.

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