BILL.F x Hudson Table Cooking Show

BILL.F x Hudson Table Cooking Show

Recently, popular kitchenware brand BILL.F and Hudson Table jointly organized a cooking competition. The kitchenware used in this activity was made by BILL.F.

 Hudson Table is an interactive culinary studio and event space offering hands-on cooking classes, chef's tables, live chef competitions, and customized catering.

The two brands initially collaborated this past fall with BILL.F hosting a dinner at Hudson Table’s Brooklyn location, to an incredibly warm response from attendees. Now, they are looking forward to continuing this partnership.

BILL.F, known for its top of the line knives and chopping boards made of the highest quality teak wood, donated a bundle of kitchenware to the Hudson Table, to be used by chefs and attendees alike.

“Learning to cook is a very visual experience, and as it’s been said, you eat with your eyes first. Presentation is crucial, and we’re thrilled to be able to provide Hudson Table with our beautiful kitchenware, to be used by not only the chefs, but the attendees who come to learn about the art of cooking,” said Nancy Xu, BILL.F Founder and CEO.

 Alex Ching, the Hudson Table Operations Director said, “This is the first time that we've run a competition like this with one of our collaborators. It’s an exciting opportunity for both Hudson Table and BILL.F to work together to put this kind of evening together.”

The partnership also expands beyond kitchenware. Foodies can expect future events hosted by BILL.F at the Brooklyn location of Hudson Table, with an immersive and educational experience, while also having fun. The most recent event saw attendees winning prizes from BILL.F’s line, including cutting boards and knife sets.

 See what some of the attendees said below!

“I was lucky enough to win this BILL.F chopping board. It's of great quality and I’m a new believer!”

“I'm going to be a lifelong customer of BILL.F in the future and I can’t wait to tell my friends and family about the products.”

Hudson Table Chef, Melissa Ghelani said “I want to thank BILL.F for giving these cutting boards. They are absolutely beautiful. They're going to look wonderful when we present all of our items today. They're super durable and I’m just very happy to have them.”

New Yorkers can find BILL.F at the Hudson Table in Brooklyn. All products featured at Hudson Table will be available at

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