Sharon Allen- BILL.F Kitchenware is Just Right for Me

Sharon Allen- BILL.F Kitchenware is Just Right for Me

Chefs are a rare breed and come from many different walks of life. There are many reasons and elements that contribute to a person pursuing a career in culinary arts. However, ever so often, you find one that has known from an early age that this is the life that is perfect for them. Today we have the privilege of speaking with one such chef, Sharon Allen, and see how the use of BILL.F kitchenware has helped her culinary journey.

Sharon has spent time in almost every aspect of the culinary industry. First, getting her start in the restaurant industry, then continuing to diversify her portfolio by gaining experience in hotel and hospitality, corporate cafeterias, catering, private chef, and the list goes on. Sharon, like most people, has been affected by the pandemic in many ways. However, it was her passion for cooking that have transcended any potential roadblocks that life may present, and with BILL.F kitchenware as an integral part of her approach; there are no signs of slowing down any time soon. When asked where her passion for cooking came from and how did she know culinary arts are what she wanted to do, Sharon had this to say:

“I always loved cooking as a kid. I remember being in the kitchen with my mom at a young age, watching her prepare meals and it was something that always stuck with me as I got older. After I graduated high school, I remember thinking to myself, ‘I don’t want to go to a 4-year college, I don’t want to be an English major or a Nurse like everyone in my family.’ Then one day, I was cooking in my friend’s apartment, and l said to myself, ‘why don’t I just do this.’ Most people are already in their regular 9 to 5 before they realize they don’t like what they do, but that wasn’t me. I knew cooking is the career that will allow me to enjoy doing what I do and not just feel like a job that I have to support my family.”

With a social media following growing day by day in response to her culinary arrangements, taste is not the only element attention must be given to. Presentation is an integral part of how Sharon has continued to reinvent herself and the tools at BILL.F kitchenware, as well as her attention to aesthetics have helped her capture the attention of audiences across her platforms.

“Presentation is a big deal in culinary school because it’s one of the main criteria you are graded on. Social media is oversaturated with food and food lovers, so I have to ask myself, why is my content better than others. One of the BILL.F products I love is the 18x13 Acacia wood cutting board because it’s not just a cutting board or another gadget for the kitchen. The cutting board along with many other BILL.F products actually elevate the kitchen and the dishes you make, helping viewers to taste my foods with their eyes”. 

BILL.F kitchenware has spared no effort to redesign kitchenware essentials to make them more suitable in terms of usability, design, and consumer needs. Sharon as a mother, wife, and businesswoman, no doubt has resonated with these principles choosing BILL.F as the product of choice.

“I can scream from the rooftops about how much I love the cutting board because of how versatile you can be with it. I can use it as a serving platter for Christmas, Thanksgiving, or just cut chicken on it. No matter what I use it for, it really stands out as a centerpiece. The steak knives are also a great touch because in this business you want something that stands out as unique and the textured handle is different, but still performs very well. A smaller product that often gets overlooked is the wooden spoons. I use them specifically for styling my dishes and are a great accent in the kitchen.”

During her culinary journey, Sharon has continued to evolve as a Chef and grow as a person. When asked where her inspiration comes from and what advice would she give those wanting to take the culinary path, she had this to say:

“A lot of my inspiration comes from just being a sponge. I continue to learn and absorb from those around me, but it’s also important to understand, ‘INSPIRATION IS ENDLESS BUT YOU STILL NEED THAT STILLNESS TO REALLY CREATE.’ So, I hope all those wanting to get involved with culinary arts continue to be a sponge, make friends, don’t be stagnant anywhere, if you do this, the possibilities are endless.”

We are confident Sharon will continue to reach new heights in her culinary career and without a doubt BILL.F kitchenware will be there every step of the way.


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