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17-Piece Kitchen Knife Set with Self-Sharpener Block, Super Sharp Chef Knives
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Kitchen Knife Block Set
Kitchen Chef Knife
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Knife Block set
Bill.F® Kitchen Knife Set
Knife Set
17-Piece Kitchen Knife Set with Self-Sharpener Block, Super Sharp Chef Knives

17-Piece Kitchen Knife Set with Self-Sharpener Block, Super Sharp Chef Knives

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Bill.F knife set

BILL.F 17 PCS Kitchen Knife Set with Self-Sharpening Block

  • 8" Chef Knife
  • 6" Chef Knife
  • 8" Slicing Knife
  • 5.5" Santoku Knife
  • 5" Serrated Utility Knife
  • 5" Fine Edge Utility Knife
  • 3.5" Paring Knife
  • 4.5" Steak Knives  (8)
  • Kitchen Shears
  • Self-sharpening Knife Block
Just run under warm water and wipe clean. Do not leave your Bill.F® Stainless Steel knives loose in a drawer or let them lay in standing water.

    The Bill.F® 17 PC Stainless Steel Knife Set with Wood Block is perfect for the professional chef, culinary student and the home cook. The set includes 8 of the most popular and useful knives, Kitchen scissors and a solid wood block.

    Our ergonomically friendly knife handles have a rubber, non-slip comfort grip cover. This set makes a great gift for any cook or professional chef. 

    Imported German high-carbon stainless steel blade for the hardness, makes our knives resist stains and corrosion, hold the shape edge longer and easy to re-sharpen with the sharpening rod, this set will last a long time.

    IMPORTANT: Avoid buying counterfeit products and transacting with unauthorized sellers. Look for our logo on the packaging for every one of our products. 

    Any professional chef, culinary student or home cook will love this knife set.  For those who like to cook, these great quality knife sets are highly recommended because they blend with your kitchen decoration! 

    A great gift idea for weddings, house warmings, graduation, to add to a registry list or any occasion

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 24 reviews
    Great set for the money and quality 👍

    We bought these last week. It is a very nice set for the money and quality. It has many different knives for many different applications. The most remarkable thing about this is a big set and it will stand out on your counter. If you want a good quality set you can feel good about and don't want to spend $400 or more, then this is a great choice. I would buy this set again. I strongly recommend it.

    Good looking, well made knives

    The storage block is quite nice, a good medium tone with light wood grain that matches my kitchen well. Note that the blade goes all the way through the handle to the base. These feel substantial but are not heavy and seem well balanced. The blades are nice and sharp, ready to use when they arrive. The built in sharpener actually works very well and will keep these knives keen & sharp when appropriately used. The eight steak knives are serrated finely and cut surprising smoothly making them good kitchen utility/all purpose knives. The longer/larger blades are non-serrated and are thick enough to take pressure but thin enough to pass through easily (see photo)
    Overall a very nice set. My wife and I enjoy them as they have replaced a 10+ year old collection of knives that came from several different sets we have owned prior. I'm glad we simplified our kitchen with this very useful, functional & beautiful set.

    Great knife set!

    This knife set is the perfect size to remain on a counter top. The knives are sharp and the handles are easy to grip and hold. The knife sharpener is a great bonus.

    Nice range of knives

    Somehow all of our steak knives have disappeared (3 kids in the house and I shudder to think where they could be lol) and I've been looking for a decent set to replace them.These were delivered quickly and in safe packaging. All of the knife tips had a little mold of plastic on the tip to keep them from puncturing through their box, and were in a separate box inside the actual packaging box.The wood block they sit in is decently heavy and displays them nicely on the countertop. It was easy enough to figure out which knife went into each slot.There are a variety of sizes and edges to suit almost any knife need. I appreciate that there are 8 serrated steak knives as they're, of course, the most frequently used by multiple people at one time. I love kitchen shears and feel I can never have too many lol, they were definitely a big draw for me when ordering this set and they didn't disappoint.The main draw back for me, probably not for most people but I don't have a lot of experience with knives, is there's no instructions on how to use the built-in sharpener. Luckily we live in the age of the internet and it will be simple enough to find a YouTube tutorial. But it would be nice if there were a small instruction card or even a link to find an instructional video online.These aren't chef quality knives. I don't think you could throw a tomato in the air and slice through it on the way down lol. But they're a nice everyday set that will meet your basic knife needs. They would also make a wonderful gift for someone who's moved into a new place.*I noticed the small spot of brown near the base of two knives. I'm hopeful it's just something that will wash off when I run them all through the dishwasher and not rust. I'll update if that's not the case.

    Wonderful price and good quality

    I have been wanting the knife set for a while. This one caught my eyes. That’s the exact color combination I want it. I've been using them for two days. They are so sharp. As far as the quality, Very good quality. They feel very solid and durable. The sharpness is great and I love that they come with a built-in knife sharpener. Overall, I'm very satisfied with these and I highly recommend them to anyone who in store for new knives.

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