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Buy 1 Get 1 Free - 6 Pieces Knife Set with Stainless Steel Storage Block

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Bill.F® Professional Chef Knife Block Set (6 in 1)

  • 8" Chef's knife
  • 8" Slicing Knife
  • 8" Bread knife
  • 4.5" Utility knife
  • 3.5" Paring knife
  • Kitchen scissors
  • Stainless Steel Block

billf knife

Tips: Please HANDWASH ONLY and dry promptly after use to preserve the quality and sharpness of your beautiful set.

5 PIECE SET – includes a bread knife, chef knife, slicing knife, utility knife, and a paring knife for a whole range of tasks

BILLF kitchen

HIGH-GRADE BLADES – Made from high-quality stainless steel blades for precision and accuracy. Strong, durable bolster for perfect stability and control.  

STEEL KNIFE BLOCK – lets you safely store the knives on the kitchen countertop, with the sturdy construction also providing added stability

BILL.F knife set is forged from a single piece of high carbon stainless steel, resulting in a razor sharp pro quality blade.

Balanced weight distribution and ergonomic handles minimize fatigue and maximize cutting precision for both women and men.

We consulted with dozens of professional chefs to design a classic set for the everyday home cook. Cut and chop meat, vegetables, fruits, and cheese for your next stunning meal with ease. 

Make a beautiful charcuterie board, prep bbq, or simply prepare dinner cuisine. Whether cooking is your passion or hobby, we guarantee you will love this set!

Customer Reviews

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A decent set for the money

You can spend 45 on a single knife, but for the price, this isn't a terrible set. They're extremely sharp out of the box, but light enough to suggest they're not cut from a single piece of metal - likely, the handles are hollow.

The 3 larger knives are very easy to use and cut quite easily, especially the serrated breadknife, but the 2 smaller knives are a little problematic. The handles are smooth enough you'd want to be sure you've got a good grip on the handle, but, the "heel" of the smaller knives where your forefinger naturally rests is very small and your hand could slip. On the 3 larger knives, however, there's a large vertical heel where your hand cannot move onto the blade accidentally. The storage block is sturdy and a useful inclusion.

For the issues with the smaller knives, 4 rather than 5 stars.

Smart-looking and sharp so far.

This is a smart-looking knife block that will probably look good adorned in most kitchens; with its simple tall silhouette and shiny greyish block standing on a polished metal pedestal.
Aesthetic wise, this knife block tick all the boxes and the knives themselves are also well-balanced and sharp - though how long they will stay sharp will define how well engineered these knives are. As I havent had these knives for long, I cant really comment. An accompanying sharping rod wouldve eased my concerns, but it is not included in this set.
Overall is a nice looking set that works well so far, only time will tell if the knives will keep their edge.

PJ Rankine
Very smart and very sharp

As you can see from my photo this knife set is a great match for a grey kitchen and grey is one of the in colours at the moment.
These knives are well made and sturdy and as you would hope, very sharp.
The dimpled effect handles look great but I would recommend care when washing them and definitely don't use them with wet or greasy hands as they get slippery and offer little in the way of grip.

Needs better grip

Very sharp knives. Look really nice with the grey and silver style. They are also situated quite a tall angle when in the block and so Ive moved them from where my old knife block was as I couldnt get them out of the block due the my cupboard above getting in the way. A lower angle would help space saving.
Although I love the colour the grip handle of the knives are not really existent and the bubble like design doesnt work as a grip so they are not very easy to hold. They are reasonably sturdy and good set of knives though

Dan F
Not quite non-slip

First impressions - well made and includes the basic/essential range of knives needed for the home kitchen. The knife block is also well made and study.

The product is advertised as non-slip however the handles are not non-slip which makes me weary when cutting produce like squash that would benefit from a non-slip grip

5 knives in total with the block making up this 6 piece set. The knife block is slim and not too bulky. The rubber feet prevent the knife block from slipping.

Knives are very sharp and a great addition to the kitchen. Not as good as my other Global knives but theyre got for day to day use for my tenants.

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