Out of the woods, the knife producer branches out

Out of the woods, the knife producer branches out

BILL.F WAS FOUNDED IN 2017 BY NANCY XU  as a small knife producer after she was frustrated with the dearth of stylish and high-quality choices available. “Kitchens are places of joy, creation, relaxation, and wonderful messes,” she says. “A well-loved kitchen is an efficient, beautiful space with visually appealing, long-lasting, and simple to use kitchenware which helps families share and enjoy every meal.” Over the last few years, Bill.F (named after Xu’s eldest son) has established international distribution selling to 15 countries (the strongest audience is the U.K.) and recently branching out into woodenware.

And, since 2019, they’re tackling the American market. “The U.S. is the world’s largest economy,” says Xu, “and we think it’s one of our most important markets. We can meet the growing demand for eco-friendly, sustainably sourced kitchenware.” New collections (acacia and teak chopping, cheese, and cutting boards, bowls, salt and pepper sets, kitchen utensils) “create more sustainable kitchen options,” says Xu. “These woods replenish quickly, are biodegradable, built to last, easy to clean, and stand up to heavy chopping. Their durability ensures less waste over time since they don’t need frequent replacing.” Knives, Xu adds, are ergonomically designed, expertly balanced, and feature hollow, mirror-finished handles. “The collections blend luxury and durability for timeless, distinct pieces. We use elegant, bright, clean lines that add vibrance with a customer-oriented approach considering the performance needs of our customers.” The collections are made at their two factories in China which employ 500 workers during peak production, along with a sales team of 60 and an overseas marketing team of ten.

It’s taken time penetrating the U.S. market. “Our biggest challenge has been how to develop overseas markets,” Xu says. “We don’t sell one product to the whole world, but do detailed market research and analysis to provide suitable products for each market, redesigning product to specially suit American homes.” With more than 60 collections covering 300 items, $10 to $200, there are plenty of options. “Manufacturing and automation has changed a lot, but our commitment to craftsmanship remains as strong today as ever. Before a piece makes it to your home, it’s been held, handled, and inspected multiple times at every stage of the design, development  and production process,” says Xu. “We can’t wait to share our beloved kitchenware with American homes and families.”

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