Good Knives are Essential to Chefs

Good Knives are Essential to Chefs

Author: Jess

In the hands of an artist, the paintbrush is without a doubt the quintessential part of their craft. The same goes for knives in the hands of a chef, who nurtures their craft with the same level of precision and care with what may not be the stroke of a paintbrush but the cut of an extremely good knife.

But many people find themselves in the kitchen with dull knives, mismatched sets, or using the wrong one for the job entirely. Those less fortunate may even find themselves in the emergency room, because as some people may not know, a dull knife is more dangerous than a sharp one.

It’s easy to just pick up the first sharp instrument and get to cutting, but there are different uses for different knives. The five most popular knives are listed below.

Chef's knife: 8- to 12-inch blade. This knife is good for slicing and dicing fruits and vegetables. It's also good for cutting and carving large pieces of meat.

Paring knife: Thin, sharp, 3- to 4-inch blade. This knife is small and agile enough to be used to peel fruits and vegetables.

Bread knife: Usually longer, with a serrated edge. It’s ideal for cutting crusty bread, or anything with a hard exterior and soft interior.

Utility knife: Knives are diverse kitchen knives that can be used for the precision cutting of fruits, smaller foods, and vegetables, like shallots; The knife for kitchen works well slicing fruit, tender pieces of meat or sandwiches; The “knife of all trades,” it’s a handy go-to for the everyday chef.

Santoku knife: Extremely sharp and referring to the three types of cuts suited to this blade – slicing, dicing, and mincing. The 7-inch blade has a razor-sharp edge that makes it perfect for fine cuts. Prep your meals with a ruthless efficiency that will leave friends and family in awe of your culinary skills.

While this may seem like a lot to remember, a high-quality knife block is an easy way to get all of these items covered in one simple purchase. Comfort is important when using a new set of knives, and it’s also crucial to not feel daunted by the task at hand.

 Some brands, like BILL.F, have created kitchenware products that are both practical and beautiful, with their knife collection in particular being designed after the founder interviewed dozens of professional chefs and avid home cooks to determine what the market needed. Quality, safety, accessibility, and affordability.

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