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Bill.F® End Grain Wood Butcher Block Kitchen Chopping Board 18 x13 Inch

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Large Wooden Chopping Boards 18x13 inch

Premium Acacia Wooden Chopping Board by Bill.F®. Extra Large Rectangular End Grain Cutting Board for Kitchen 18 x13 Inch

Chopping boards play a vital role in our kitchen, that’s why Bill.F®made a special chopping board for all cooking enthusiasts and professional chefs!

  • Features finger grooves for easy lifting.
  • Sealed with a non-toxic protective lacquer
  • Hygienic - natural mechanisms within wood inhibit bacteria
  • Easy to clean - wipe the surface with a damp cloth
  • Dimensions: 46 (L) x 33 (W) x 2.5 (H) cm

The chopping board is made from high-quality Acacia that is tested and proven when it comes to durability, quality, and food safety.

This 1 inch thick Acacia wood meat cutting board allows for stability while cutting. It is built extremely solid for longevity.

billf cutting boards

End grain fibers absorb treatment oils better as fibers of the board face the surface. It's recommended that you use both sides alternately to ensure that the cutting board absorbs water evenly on both sides

Experience a more convenient and safer way of preparing what you are cooking with the Bill.F® Acacia Wood Chopping Board!

billf cutting boards

  • Rinse with rice water or clean water before first use, wipe dry and keep dry. Do not soak in water and boil water or expose yourself to heat!!
  • Usually, clean up quickly after use, and the moisture on the dry surface is stored in a dry place. Remember that the cutting board needs to be hung or placed vertically, do not lay it horizontally!!!

  • Oiling maintenance, according to the use of the situation (such as feeling frizz or obvious knife marks), use olive oil for oiling care, extend the wood, repair the knife marks
  • To avoid deformation, it is recommended that you use both sides alternately to ensure that the cutting board absorbs water evenly on both sides

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 111 reviews
    Gorgeous Acacia Wood End Piece !

    This is gorgeous in person, wow 😳

    I needed a new cutting board and saw this online ,
    I am so happy I ordered this,
    it has such a unique appearance, as you can see.

    It has built in handles , that are carved into the acacia wood with a rounded splinter free design.

    This board is smooth and ready to use out of the box ( after washing, of course).

    It sits flat on your countertop, so it won’t be rocking around, like the ones with feet.

    You could place this on a silicone mat so it doesn’t slide around ,
    if you have granite ( marble) countertops, like me.

    Mark Pierce

    BEAUTIFUL cutting board. Worth it. The size is just what I wanted and needed. Hubs was impressed with the beauty of it, as well as the size and width. This was perfect enough that we are throwing out old cutting board away. No complaints or regrets.

    Amy Bladow
    Herringbone Cutting Board

    It’s a gift, but sure wouldn’t mind getting one myself!

    Would totally buy again.

    Beautiful, was perfect. Looks great sitting out on our counter top.

    2 months now and I still find this product is excellent!!

    2 months now and I still find this product is excellent!!

    Customer Reviews

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